Towns in Sherman County, Oregon

Biggs grain elevator
The grain storage facility at Biggs


  • Find the Mid-Columbia Producers' Cooperative grain storage/shipping facilities at Biggs, including rail and barge.
  • Travel the Journey Through Time Scenic Byway on Hwy 97.
  • See the Oregon Trail monument west of Biggs on Highway 30 (sign & monument).


  • Explore Dolph's Rock Shop & Museum on Rufus-Biggs Highway 30; call in advance: (541) 739-2816.
  • Giles French Park is below the John Day Dam, which is operated by the Corps of Engineers (boat ramp, fishing, camping, restrooms).
  • Rufus Community Center offers a site for events and conferences.


Wasco School Events Center
The Wasco School Events Center
  • Explore the Columbia Southern Railroad Depot, on the National Historic Register, and the retired railroad caboose in downtown Wasco; recall the days of freight and passenger rail service from Biggs Junction south to Shaniko.
  • Wasco Railroad & City History Center, located in the Columbia Southern Railroad Depot, is open June through September every Friday & Saturday, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Wind farms are sprouting up east andnortheast of Wasco.
  • Wasco City Park offers a shady oasis for picnics.
  • Wasco School Events Center offers a public library and covered spaces to explore in what was once the Sherman County schoolhouse.
  • Mid-Columbia Producers' Cooperative grain storage and shipping facility.
  • Journey Through Time Scenic Byway on Highway 97.
  • Wasco is the gateway to the Oregon Trail crossing of the John Day River. Follow signs east from Wasco.
  • Eat at The Dirty Cowgirl Saloon.
  • Sun Rise Cemetery - 541-993-4893
  • Pioneer Cemetery (formerly known as the United Methodist Church Cemetery) 541-442-5250


  • Sherman County’s 1899 Courthouse, originally with a handsome cupola, overlooks the town of Moro.
  • Moro City Park provides public restrooms, picnic tables, playground and a unique Wall of History.
  • The national-award-winning Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro offers visitors first-rate unique interpretive exhibits, hands-on activities, tours and educational programs.
  • Sherman Experiment Station at Moro provides facilities for Oregon State University research of dry land wheat, barley, and alternative crops. The Station is located on 234 acres that serve field research needs of scientists from the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis and the Pendleton area Columbia Basin Station. Current research includes that for grain varieties, soil fertility for cereal crops, canola, mustard, other alternative crops, weed management, disease and nematode management, direct seeding practices, and the use of soil conservation practices.
  • Mid Columbia Producers' Cooperative grain storage and shipping facility.
  • Sherman County Fairgrounds near Moro is the site of the annual post-harvest fair, rodeo, and playground.
  • Sherman County RV Park and Campground at the Fairgrounds near Moro.
  • Journey Through Time Scenic Byway on Highway 97.
  • Moro Cemetery - 541-565-3535
  • Rose Cemetery - 541-993-7084
Grass Valley grain elevator
A grain elevator towers over the grasslands of Grass Valley, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives.

Grass Valley

  • Grass Valley City Park, Highway 97 in Grass Valley, offers a green oasis in summer, playground, picnic tables, and public restrooms.
  • Mid Columbia Producers' Cooperative grain storage and shipping facility.
  • Journey Through Time Scenic Byway on Highway 97.
  • Oregon Trail Cut-Off to the Barlow Road begins at the John Day River Oregon Trail Crossing east of Wasco and runs southeasterly to Grass Valley and beyond. Interpretive sign at Grass Valley City Park.
  • EV Charging Station at the Grass Valley Country Market.
  • Grass Valley Cemetery - 541-300-7630


  • Kent Baptist Church and the U.S. Post Office.
  • Mid-Columbia Producers operates the grain storage elevator.
  • On Highway 97, Kent is the last outpost southbound, 16 miles to Shaniko.
  • Northbound Kent is 40 miles from Biggs.
  • Kent Cemetery - 541-333-2366


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