Our Resident Incentive Program

Sherman County Residency Checklist

Sherman County field

___ Are you over the age of 18?

___ Do you have an address in Sherman County?

___ Have you lived at your Sherman County address for at least one year?

___ Have you stayed at that address for nine months or longer during the year?

___ Are you the only one at that address applying for this year's Resident Incentive? (This program is limited to one incentive per year per household.)

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you are eligible for this year's Resident Incentive. You should receive an application from the Sherman County Court in the mail when the enrollment period comes around. If not, you can download and print the application at the bottom of this page.

Resident Incentive Ordinance

Resident Incentive Letter


How does the Resident Incentive Program work?

Residents of Sherman County become eligible for the Resident Incentive Program after they have lived here one year.  This one-year residency requirement must be met by the time applications are due, which is August 31 each year.  Applicants must apply every year to receive payment.

The current payment is $590 per household, per year, and only one applicant per household may apply. Applications are sent out during the first few days of June and are available on this page during the application period.  Applications are due back (or postmarked) no later than August 31.  If this date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the following Monday is the due date.

When an application is received and approved, a confirmation card is sent to the applicant — usually within 10 days.  If it is not approved, the application is returned asking for more information or citing reasons why it was denied.  Instructions to appeal the denial are included.

Applicants can opt to apply their payment to their property taxes.

The Sherman County Court sets the amount of the Resident Incentive Program payment each year.  Checks are normally mailed out by the 10th of December.  In order to receive a check, applicants must still be residing in Sherman County at this time.  If they have moved out of the county, checks will be returned and the applicant is no longer eligible.

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