Local Public Safety Coordinating Council

The Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) of Sherman County is comprised of the Sherman County sheriff, the district attorney, a state court judge designee, directors of community corrections, the juvenile department, mental health and public health departments, lay citizens, a county commissioner, the director of EMS, a representative of Children and Families, a representative of the Prevention Coalition, local school representatives, Oregon Youth Authority, and a representative of Oregon State Police, per ORS 423.560.

Duties of the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council are as follows:

  • Actively identify and coordinate prevention and safety education in Sherman County in cooperation with all appropriate persons and entities while fulfilling the requirements of ORS 423.560 and 423.565.
  • Develop and recommend to the Sherman County Court a plan for the use of state resources to serve the local offender population, provide for coordination of community-wide services involving prevention, treatment, education, employment resources and intervention strategies, and coordinate local criminal justice policy among affected criminal justice entities.

For additional details, contact the Sherman County Court at (541) 565-3416.

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