FAQ Topic: Starting a business

How do I get phone and Internet service?

Sherman County recently won the National Association of Counties’ Innovation Award and the Oregon Connections Technology Award for its Wireless Internet Network Development (WIND), a fiber optic project intended to dramatically increase available Internet speed within the county! (A fiber optic line now runs from Grass Valley to Wasco, with a Wasco-to-Rufus line expected summer … Continued

How do I reserve a room or multiple rooms indoors?

There are multiple places you can reserve or rent if you’re looking to host a meeting, conference, or special event in Sherman County. The Sherman County Senior & Community  Center in Moro has indoor space available for rent. To apply, submit the Application for Facility Use to Center staff. The Wasco School Events Center, in … Continued

Do you offer a printed business directory?

Simply visit Sherman County’s online Business page to view and print our listings of businesses in Biggs, Grass Valley, Kent, Moro, Rufus, and Wasco. (Note: Businesses can be added to this list upon submission to the County Court Administrative Assistant.)

How do I add myself to the business directory?

Once you’ve settled your business in Sherman County, notify the County Court Assistant with the business name you’ve registered with Oregon’s Secretary of State Office, your type of business, and your contact information. Nearly immediately we can add those details to our online Business Directory.

Does the county require a business license?

Sherman County does not require a business license to do business with or within the county. However, the state of Oregon does require business registration, at a cost of $50 biannually. To be compliant, register your business at http://sos.oregon.gov/business/Pages/register.aspx, and select that you intend to also do business from Sherman County. You’ll also want to … Continued

How do I file for a liquor license?

The liquor license must be obtained from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Once obtained it can be filed with the Sherman County Courthouse for a $25 fee, and recorded following Sherman County Court approval (ORS 471.166(7)). The OLCC also issues permits to serve alcohol.

Do I have to pay tax on the business income I make in Sherman County?

Unlike other cities and counties, Sherman County municipalities fund themselves in ways that do not require additional tax payments on business income. This lack of municipal taxation in Sherman County can lead to a tax savings for you of up to 3.65% every year. (Note that residents must still pay Oregon state taxes and federal … Continued

How do I start a business in Sherman County?

Thank you for considering Biggs, Grass Valley, Kent, Moro, Rufus, Wasco, or another area of Sherman County! Starting a business here is simple. You’ll want to be compliant with any licensing requirements for your industry. Then simply register your business name with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, apply for a free federal Employer Identification … Continued

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