FAQ Topic: Local schooling

What is the Sherman County Prevention program?

The Sherman County Prevention Program is a county program that provides educational information to the public and youth regarding unsafe and unhealthy behaviors.  It is the long-term goal of the program to 1) decrease youth consumption of drugs and alcohol, 2) increase local awareness of illegal drug and alcohol use, and 3) decrease dangerous and … Continued

When are the pesticide core classes for the Oregon Pesticide Applicators License?

Contact Jacob Powell at Wasco County Extension Office for the current list of agricultural classes offered in the Mid-Columbia; he can be reached at  (541) 565-5494 or jacob.powell@oregonstate.edu. The core manual is sold at Wasco County Extension, 400 E. Scenic Drive, Suite 2, in The Dalles.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture Pesticide Exam is available … Continued

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