FAQ Topic: Local schooling

What schools are in Sherman County?

Read about school options on the County’s Public Education page. Sherman County also has an active home-schooling population, with a variety of resources included on that page.

How do I enroll my child in 4-H?

February 15 is the last day to enroll in 4-H within Sherman County for this year. Contact Cindy Brown at Oregon State University to begin that process: (541) 565-3230 or cindy.brown@oregonstate.edu. The 4-H year officially begins in October and runs through September.  Sherman County 4-H enrollments are done in January of each year.  Cost is … Continued

Where is the school library?

Sherman County School shares its campus with the Sherman Public/School Library, 65912 High School Loop in Moro. There you’ll find a number of Sherman County Public/School Library Youth Programs (announced on Facebook) throughout the year.

How can my child enroll in Future Farmers of America?

Find the Sherman County FFA program at Sherman County School, 65912 High School Loop in Moro; call (541) 565-3500. Further contact details and account registration are at http://shermancountyffa.theaet.com/AETContactUs.aspx.

What scholarships are available locally for education?

For Civics Education Program Funding, print and fill out the Civics Education Program Funding Request Application, and submit it to the Office of the Sherman County Court, 500 Court Street, Moro. For state scholarships, register and apply through the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion website, OregonStudentAid.gov.

How can I help kids in the community?

Thanks for asking! Sherman County is building a Prevention team that will look into strategies to promote healthy life choices. There also are a variety of youth programs you can volunteer for; you can join the Parent Teacher Organization/Boosters, become a Scholar reader, mentor a youth, train to be a Court-Appointed Special Advocate, and become … Continued

How do I get involved with the Sherman County Prevention program?

The Prevention Program works closely with the Sherman County School District, Juvenile Court, and Sheriff’s Office — as well as other government and non-government agencies — to provide information and alternative activities for the youth of Sherman County.  To become involved, see the job descriptions and applications at the bottom of the Prevention page.

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