FAQ Topic: Property & housing

What are my tenant rights?

Sherman County falls under state law related to tenant rights. Find a detailed description through the Oregon Bar Association’s Landlord and Tenant Law “Rights and Duties of a Tenant” link.

Where can I find a place to rent?

Our “Available Real Estate” page has a handy map link for exploring both rental or for-sale properties. Landlords also may post availability in the local newspapers or at local meeting places.

What is an Enterprise Zone, and how do I qualify?

Sherman County’s Enterprise Zone gives property tax relief for new, non-retail businesses within the zone. If you plan to open a new, non-retail business, contact Sherman County’s Enterprise Zone Manager at (541) 565-3601 to find out if you qualify for this tax relief.

How much does it cost to apply for a land-use boundary line or zoning change?

See the land-use fee schedule for fees associated with zone changes, boundary line adjustments, and conditional use permits. The related documents you may need are as follows: Conditional Use Permit Application, Conditional Use Permit Checklist, Zoning Ordinance, Partition Application, Boundary Line Adjustment Application, and Zone Change Application/Comp Plan Amendment Application.

What is the Sherman County Justice Court, and what types of cases does it handle?

Sherman County Justice Court is the judicial branch of county government. It processes citations issued by law enforcement agencies for traffic violations, boating violations, fish and game violations, and other civil violations. The Court also handles small claims and eviction actions. Meanwhile, the Court’s Justice of the Peace can perform weddings as time allows.

What services are performed by the Sherman County Finance Department?

The Finance Department, also known as the Financial Services Department or Finance & Tax Office, provides many services that support all Offices and Departments under Sherman County Government.  Services include:  Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Budget/Audit, and Road Cost Accounting. The Financial Services Department also administers Property Tax Collection and the Resident Incentive Program.

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