FAQ Topic: Juvenile Court

Do we even have juvenile crime in Sherman County?

Yes. The caseload varies, but the Department consistently handles both drug violations and crimes from serious sex offenses to theft. Resources include supervision, drug testing, community service, fines, referrals, and case management.

Can you lock my child up for (X,Y,Z…)?

Probably not. In Oregon, a youth can only be detained for certain reasons: committing a violent crime on a person, committing a felony or A-level misdemeanor, not appearing for Court, or violating formal probation/conditions of release.

Where is the Sherman County Juvenile Court?

County juvenile court provides sanctions and services to youth ages 12-17 that are referred for law violations by law enforcement agencies. This court is at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street in Moro. Learn more at the County Juvenile Court page.

How do I get involved with the Sherman County Prevention program?

The Prevention Program works closely with the Sherman County School District, Juvenile Court, and Sheriff’s Office — as well as other government and non-government agencies — to provide information and alternative activities for the youth of Sherman County.  To become involved, see the job descriptions and applications at the bottom of the Prevention page.

What is the Sherman County Prevention program?

The Sherman County Prevention Program is a county program that provides educational information to the public and youth regarding unsafe and unhealthy behaviors.  It is the long-term goal of the program to 1) decrease youth consumption of drugs and alcohol, 2) increase local awareness of illegal drug and alcohol use, and 3) decrease dangerous and … Continued

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