Sherman County Fair Board

The Fair Board promotes and produces the annual county fair, operates and maintains the fairgrounds, promotes community pride and involvement, and promotes education and community/economic development. Seven citizens, appointed by the Sherman County Court, comprise the Fair Board — which employs and directs two part-time positions and a Secretary. The Fair Board has the exclusive management of all county property devoted to the use of the county fair as directed in ORS 565.230.

The current Fair Board officers and members are as follows:

  • Bryce Coelsch – Chairperson
  • Shandie Johnson – Vice Chairperson
  • Beth McCurdy – Secretary
  • Amanda Whitman
  • Bert Perisho
  • Tom Rolfe
  • Rick Jauken

To reach anyone on the Fair Board, please contact Beth at (541) 980-1821 or For upcoming Fair Board activities, see our Fair Event Calendar.

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