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Can I change my court date?

If you contact the court before your court date, the Court will typically allow a one-time, two-week continuance for entry of plea.  Instructions for rescheduling a trial are included in the Order Setting Hearing.  Please see the Covid-19 update.

Is there another option besides in court for a trial?

You can request a trial by affidavit or declaration. You and the officer would be required to submit written sworn testimony in the form of an affidavit. Witnesses may also submit affidavits. The judge reads the affidavits and makes a decision. To request a trial by affidavit, enter a not guilty plea and ask for … Continued

How can I pay for the citation?

You can pay the fine by cash, check, debit or credit card, or a payment plan. A processing fee equal to four percent (4%) of the payment amount is added to all credit/debit transactions. Check payments cannot be processed over the phone. The Court does not recommend sending cash through the US mail.  Payments may … Continued

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