Concealed Handgun License

New Applicants: 

  1. Complete the printable or fillable application below.
  2. Schedule an appointment by calling the Sherman County Sheriff's Office, 541-565-3622.

Bring the following items to your appointment:

    1. Completed application form.
    2. Proof of handgun training. (See Proof of Competency section in the application packet.)
    3. Fees: $50 for the Sheriff’s office and $15 for fingerprinting in the total amount of $65 may be paid in the form of Cash/Check or Money Order made
      out to Sherman County Sheriff’s Office. Credit or Debit are accepted with a fee.
    4. Two pieces of identification; one with both your picture and signature, i.e. driver’s license, and another piece of identification that bears your signature
      and name, i.e. a bankcard.
    5. Proof of citizenship: Certified Birth Certificate or Passport.
    6.  Self-addressed stamped envelope.

For RENEWALS only:

To renew your Concealed Handgun License, complete the printable or fillable application below. The completed application can be faxed, mailed, or emailed to The fax number and mailing address is located at the top of the application.

To complete payment:

  1. Visit:  (Point & Pay Convenience Fees: Credit Cards: 2.5% with a minimum $2.00, Electronic Checks (ACH): $2.00)
  2. Choose payment type RENEWAL CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE, which is an automatic $50.00.

* A notification is sent to the Sheriff’s Office regarding payment received.

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