Recycling & Trash Collection

Waste Management

The Dalles Disposal / Waste Connections

In a franchise agreement with Sherman County, The Dalles Disposal / Waste Connections provides solid waste disposal, recycling opportunities and manages the Transfer Site on Welk Road.


First Sort: The following can all be placed in the recycling containers together:

PAPER – newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, phone books, shredded paper in a paper bag, cereal & cracker style boxes (liner removed), cardboard tubes, milk cartons &  juice boxes

PLASTIC – plastic #1 and #2 bottles with a neck, rinsed

METAL – aluminum cans, tin cans (flattened), clean aluminum foil and foil baking pans, empty aerosol cans (discard cap)

Second Sort: All glass bottles and jars

Third Sort: Corrugated cardboard (flattened)

All items should be clean  (or rinsed, with plastic lids removed) and flattened if possible.


Carbon paper

Clear “clamshells” (berry, bakery, or battery packages)

Food-contaminated packaging (plates, cups, wrappers)

Frozen food boxes

Label backing sheets

Paper towels, tissue, napkins


Plastic-coated envelopes (e.g. Tyvek)

Wax, plastic or foil-coated paper


Recycling Depot Dates, Locations & Times:

  • 2nd Friday & Saturday each month – Moro, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • 3rd Friday & Saturday each month – Wasco, 9 – 4:30
  • 4th Friday & Saturday each month – Rufus, 9 – 4:30
  • Monday & Tuesday each week – Grass Valley, 1-3

Weekly Trash Waste Disposal Routes

  • Rufus – Monday
  • Moro & Grass Valley – Tuesday
  • Kent – 4th Wednesday
  • Wasco – Friday
  • Biggs – Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • State & federal parks & Bureau of Indian Affairs – Monday & Friday

For will-call pickup, call The Dalles Disposal / Waste Connections three days in advance. Rural customers can subscribe to monthly or will-call service by calling The Dalles Disposal.

Solid Waste Transfer Site on Welk Road Near Biggs

Open every 2nd & 4th Saturday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
For a $10 additional fee, The Dalles Disposal / Waste Connections will open the Transfer Site on other days.

The Dalles Disposal / Waste Connections
(541) 298-5149 (customer care and pay-by-phone)

Hazardous Waste Management

TriCounty Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program

A permanent household hazardous waste collection facility is now available in The Dalles operated by the TriCounty Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program serving Wasco, Sherman & Hood River counties.  This facility will provide for the safe disposal of hazardous materials from the home. Small business and agricultural hazardous waste is also accepted at events and by appointment. Five public collection days will be held at the facility each year. Five more events will be held at other sites in Wasco and Sherman Counties annually (in Moro, Wasco, Maupin, Dufur and Tygh Valley). Dates and locations of these events will be listed on our web site. Residents who have a time-dependent need (cleaning out the home of a recently deceased parent, for example) can make an appointment to bring items to the facility.  This program also provides recycling education and outreach to the tri-county region.

Solid Waste Coordinator
David Skakel
(541) 506-2632

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