FAQ Topic: Resident incentives

How do I get Rental Housing Incentive grants?

Sherman County offers four separate ways to receive housing incentives: Rental Housing Development Grant – This grants offers a $10,000-per-unit incentive to people who build new rental units for others in Sherman County to rent. Fill out the Rental Housing Development Application and return to Mid Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD), 802 Chenowith Loop rd, … Continued

Where can I find a place to rent?

Our “Available Real Estate” page has a handy map link for exploring both rental or for-sale properties. Landlords also may post availability in the local newspapers or at local meeting places.

What incentives are offered to people who move to Sherman County?

Every household that moves to Sherman County and stays for a year is eligible for the county’s annual Resident Incentive Program; this program offers cash payments of around $600 per year. Anyone opening a non-retail business in the county’s Enterprise Zone is also eligible for a property tax credit of up to five years’ taxes. … Continued

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