FAQ Topic: Licenses

How do I apply for a controlled hunt?

Select the “Controlled Hunt” option on the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife license ordering page. Find big-game details at the Columbia and Central Oregon Big Game Hunting sections of the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife website.

How much does it cost for a Concealed Handgun License?

Concealed Handgun License renewal is $50 for out-of-state applicants and $65 for new applicants. There is no cost for Sherman County residents to renew their license; a renewal is required every four years. Note that license holders should renew in their county of residence.

Does the county require a business license?

Sherman County does not require a business license to do business with or within the county. However, the state of Oregon does require business registration, at a cost of $50 biannually. To be compliant, register your business at http://sos.oregon.gov/business/Pages/register.aspx, and select that you intend to also do business from Sherman County. You’ll also want to … Continued

When are the pesticide core classes for the Oregon Pesticide Applicators License?

Contact Jacob Powell at Wasco County Extension Office for the current list of agricultural classes offered in the Mid-Columbia; he can be reached at  (541) 565-5494 or jacob.powell@oregonstate.edu. The core manual is sold at Wasco County Extension, 400 E. Scenic Drive, Suite 2, in The Dalles.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture Pesticide Exam is available … Continued

How do I file for a liquor license?

The liquor license must be obtained from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Once obtained it can be filed with the Sherman County Courthouse for a $25 fee, and recorded following Sherman County Court approval (ORS 471.166(7)). The OLCC also issues permits to serve alcohol.

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