FAQ Topic: Buying a home

How much does it cost to record a deed?

The County Clerk’s Office records documents that affect title to real property in Sherman County. All documents received for recording must be in compliance with Oregon statutes. Documents are recorded, then indexed, scanned, and microfilmed. See the Fee Schedule for costs and Recording Procedures & Requirements for further details. The County Clerk’s Office accepts cash … Continued

When is my property tax payment due?

Property taxes may be paid in installments using one of the following schedules: Full payment — Pay the “Full Payment” amount on or before November 15 and receive a 3% discount. Two-third payment — Pay the “2/3 Payment” amount on or before November 15 and receive a 2% discount. The final one-third payment is due by May … Continued

When will I receive my property tax statements?

Tax statements are mailed on or before October 25, to each property owner in the county. If you do not receive your statement by November 1, please call the Tax Department at (541) 565-3623.

Why is there an appraiser at my house?

Appraisers might visit your property to verify the terms and conditions of a recent sale; verify and/or update the property characteristics; appraise new construction; appraise remodels and additions; and appraise property for removal of exemptions or adjudications from prior appeals. Generally, appraisers will leave a business card on the front door. If you have received a … Continued

How is my Real Market Value (RMV) determined?

Real Market Value (RMV) is typically the price your property would sell for in a transaction between a willing buyer and a willing seller on January 1, the assessment date for the tax year. To estimate the initial RMV for your property, your county assessor appraises your property using a physical inspection and a comparison … Continued

How is my Assessed Value (AV) determined?

Assessed Value (AV) is the lower of last year’s Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) plus 3%, or the current Real Market Value (RMV). This value provides the baseline for your tax-bill calculation.

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