FAQ Topic: Assessor FAQ

What is an exempt manufactured home?

A manufactured home is considered personal property. If you own the manufactured structure and the land that it sits on your home can be recorded in the county deed records as real property which means it is “exempted” from the ownership document and is no longer personal property.

What if I am no longer in business?

If you were still in business on the assessment date, January 1, you will need to file a return and indicate on your asset listing the equipment that was still in use at your business on January 1. If you went out of business prior to January 1, you will use your return to report … Continued

What happens if I don’t pay my Business Personal Property taxes?

Taxes on Business Personal Property become delinquent whenever any installment is not paid on or before the due date. The tax collector will send a notice of delinquency showing the total amount due, including interest when any tax payment is not made. If no payment is received, the tax collector may: Issue a warrant for … Continued

How is the value determined for Business Personal Property taxes?

Personal Property is subject to the same levy rate as Real Property. The Assessor depreciates the value of your Personal Property each year based on the list of equipment you have provided, which includes cost new and the original purchase date of each individual item. All of our depreciation schedules are based on guidelines set … Continued

What is Business Personal Property?

Most people know that property tax applies to real property, such as land and buildings. However, some may not know that property tax also applies to Business Personal Property. The characteristic that distinguishes Business Personal Property from real property is mobility. Business Personal Property is property that is not affixed to, or part of, real estate. … Continued

Why is an Appraiser at my house?

Appraisers might visit your property to Verify the terms and conditions of a recent sale Verify and/ or update the property characteristics and condition Appraise new construction Appraise remodels and additions Appraise property for removal of exemptions or adjudications from prior appeals This is not an all- inclusive list. Appraisers may visit property for other … Continued

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