FAQ Topic: Ambulances and hospitals

How many personnel does the Ambulance Service have?

Sherman County Ambulance Service has 12 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), 3 EMT-Intermediates, 10 Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), and 2 Certified Drivers. These personnel live throughout the county: Rufus, Wasco, Moro, Grass Valley, and Kent.

What is the coverage area for Sherman County Ambulance Service?

We cover all of Sherman County, which is 831 square miles. Thankfully, South Sherman Fire & Rescue District (RFPD) was able to step up and contract with the Oregon Raceway Park in Grass Valley to cover their events for full-county coverage when an ambulance is needed.

What is the average response time for the Ambulance Service?

The response time is a measurement of time that starts from the initial dispatch until the ambulance is enroute to the scene.  In 2021, the average response time for the Sherman County Ambulance Service was 7.45 minutes.  This year, the response time as of October is 6.0 minutes.  Both of these times are well within … Continued

Do the Ambulance Service personnel get paid?

Yes, they do. Sherman County Ambulance Service has teams of three personnel who rotate one week on call. They are paid a modest stipend to be on call and are paid an hourly wage of $20 per hour while on call (whether that time includes responding to a call or simply waiting for one). The … Continued

How many calls does the Ambulance Service respond to?

In 2021, Sherman County Ambulance responded to 203 calls. In 2022, we responded to 286 calls, which is about 29% higher than the same timeframe in the previous year.  For 2023, it is projected to be a 5% increase. The calls are about 75% medical and 25% trauma.

Is Sherman County Ambulance tax-supported?

Absolutely not! We are very proud to report that Sherman County Ambulance has NEVER received tax dollars from the citizens of Sherman County. The ambulance is self-supported mostly from patient-transport revenues and a smaller portion from memberships. You can register to be a member with the Sherman County Ambulance Membership Application.

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