Sherman County’s First Case of COVID-19

Posted on April 6, 2020

As you probably have heard, COVID-19 has been confirmed in Sherman County.  The County Court and our Emergency Management team learned about it Sunday afternoon after it was posted on the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) website.  This is not the ideal way that it should happen.  The North Central Public Health District and our Emergency Management should have been notified and then they would have put out a PSA (Public Service Announcement) locally before the posting on OHA’s webpage.  There was a breakdown in communication.  This is being looked into as to why.  In the future we hope these kind of problems in communication can be avoided.  The Emergency Management, County Court, and Public Health District urge everyone to follow ALL safety procedures.  By following the recommend safety practices and procedures the life you save may be yours.

Stay healthy!


Joe Dabulskis

Sherman County Judge

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