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Why did my property taxes increase more than 3%?

This is a common misperception. Actually, Measure 50 only limits Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) increases to 3% per year for unchanged property. It does not limit either Assessed Value (AV) or tax rates. Taxes may increase more than 3% due to: Changes in the tax rate for your Levy Code Area, such as when a … Continued

What airports are in Sherman County?

Wasco State Airport serves Wasco and Sherman County and is owned by Oregon Department of Aviation. The paved runway extends for 3,450 feet. The facility is at an elevation of 1,459 to 1,503 feet, about one mile from Wasco. Find details on the State of Oregon’s Wasco Airport page (FAA). Meanwhile, there also are a … Continued

What is mitigation?

Mitigation may take the form of a reduction in the presumptive fine, the ability to make incremental payments, or any other requests a defendant may have of the Court.

What is “The Citizen Reporter”?

“The Citizen Reporter” is Sherman County’s bi-monthly newsletter, produced by the County Court Administrative Assistant. The newsletter contains events and news submitted by entities within the County. Each edition is published online, with printed copies sent to residents countywide. Extra copies often can be found at the Sherman County Senior/Community Center in Moro, Oregon.

What schools are in Sherman County?

Read about school options on the County’s Public Education page. Sherman County also has an active home-schooling population, with a variety of resources included on that page.

How do I get phone and Internet service?

Sherman County recently won the National Association of Counties’ Innovation Award and the Oregon Connections Technology Award for its Wireless Internet Network Development (WIND), a fiber optic project intended to dramatically increase available Internet speed within the county! (A fiber optic line now runs from Grass Valley to Wasco, with a Wasco-to-Rufus line expected summer … Continued

How do I stay at the Sherman County RV Park?

Contact the RV Park Host to book one of 33 hook-up sites and additional campsites maintained by the county just outside of downtown Moro. Find details on the Sherman County RV Park page. To ensure a relaxing stay for all, park quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

What courts hold court in the Sherman County Courthouse?

There are four courts that hold court at the historic courthouse in Moro, Sherman County’s “county seat.” For traffic tickets or small claims, go to the Justice Court. For DUII diversions or divorces, go to the Circuit Court. For juvenile crimes or child-custody cases, go to Juvenile Court. For governing issues to take in front … Continued

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