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Where do I get medical help if I am a veteran?

If the veteran is on VA Medical, check with your VA primary care provider if you would like a referral to a non-VA provider.  If not on VA Medical, contact the Veteran’s Officer to sign up.  541-705-0051.  If on VA Medical but need urgent or emergency care go to the nearest Urgent Care or ER … Continued

How do I get transportation to a medical appointment?

Veteran’s can receive a ride from Sherman County Transit by calling: 541-565-3553.  If you are also receiving Medical coverage through the Oregon Health plan, call 1-877-875-4657 to schedule a ride through Sherman County Transit.

How do I find my bus route or schedule?

There are no buses making regular stops in Sherman County. However, there is public bus transportation in the form of on-call service through Sherman County Community Transit. Call (541) 565-3553 to arranged a ride within Sherman County (preference goes to seniors and riders with disabilities, but anyone can ride as room allows). Read more on … Continued

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