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I’m interested in volunteering as a 4-H leader, what do I need to do?

Stop by the Sherman County Extension office, at 66365 Lonerock Road in Moro, and visit with us; we’re excited to have you be part of 4-H!  Let us know what projects you are interested in, and we’ll get you the office hours.  The Sherman 4-H Association (formerly 4-H Leaders Association) then meets monthly at the … Continued

How do I enroll my child in 4-H?

February 15 is the last day to enroll in 4-H within Sherman County for this year. Contact Cindy Brown at Oregon State University to begin that process: (541) 565-3230 or cindy.brown@oregonstate.edu. The 4-H year officially begins in October and runs through September.  Sherman County 4-H enrollments are done in January of each year.  Cost is … Continued

What is NORCOR?

Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities, otherwise known as “NORCOR,” is a Regional Adult Corrections and Juvenile Detention complex that serves four counties: Gilliam, Hood River, Sherman, and Wasco counties. (In separate agreements, NORCOR also serves Benton County, the U.S. Marshals and Immigrations & Customs Enforcement [ICE].) NORCOR is in nearby The Dalles, Oregon. It is … Continued

Who is the dryland-grains Extension agent for Sherman County?

Sherman County does not have its own dryland-grains agricultural extension agent.  Instead, contact Jacob Powell at Wasco County Extension Office (541) 565-5494 or jacob.powell@oregonstate.edu, or Jordan Maley at Gilliam County Extension Office (541) 384-2271 or jordan.maley@oregonstate.edu.

How can I make property tax payments?

You can pay by mail, at the Courthouse, by telephone, or online. There’s a “convenience fee” — levied by our secure-payment processor — for the latter two options. See our “Options for Payment” page for specifics.

Are there any senior living communities in Sherman County?

Sagewind Manor is a senior independent living facility in Moro, owned and operated by Mid-Columbia Housing Authority/Cascade Housing Authority. The manor has 12 one-bedroom apartments with air-conditioning, laundry hookup, private patio, and outside storage. Rent includes sewer, water, and garbage services. Call (541) 442-5526 or (541) 296-3397 for details. (For in-person assistance, the Site Manager … Continued

Where can I find upcoming concerts and cultural events?

Find a list of upcoming events countywide on the Sherman County Community Events Calendar. If there’s not one on the list, feel free to coordinate it or get the word out about an existing event! Simply submit it to our calendar for review by the County Court Administrative Assistant.

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