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Is there a senior center or community center nearby?

Sherman County manages the Sherman County Senior & Community Center at 300 Dewey Street in Moro, open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with lunch at noon Monday through Friday and activities throughout the week. There you’ll find meetings, exercise classes, social gatherings, and technology training.

Are there any senior living communities in Sherman County?

Sagewind Manor is a senior independent living facility in Moro, owned and operated by Mid-Columbia Housing Authority/Cascade Housing Authority. The manor has 12 one-bedroom apartments with air-conditioning, laundry hookup, private patio, and outside storage. Rent includes sewer, water, and garbage services. Call (541) 442-5526 or (541) 296-3397 for details. (For in-person assistance, the Site Manager … Continued

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