FAQ Tag: residency incentive program

Do people really get paid to move to Sherman County?

After a year of residency, those who move to (or remain in) Sherman County are eligible for payments through the Sherman County Resident Incentive Program, established in 2009. The current payment is $590 per household per year and must be applied for each year.

How do I request an absentee ballot?

If you will be temporarily away from home when ballots are mailed, you may request an absentee ballot at http://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/SEL111.pdf.  In-state absentee ballots are mailed 14 to 18 days before each election. Out-of-state absentee ballots are mailed 30 days before the election.  Military and long-term absentee ballots are mailed 45 days before the election.  The … Continued

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