Veteran’s Day Event

NovNovember 11 2021

All day 20 Vendors in the three counties

500 Court St, Moro, OR 97039

Tri-County Veteran’s Services is sponsoring a free meal or $30 of groceries for every Veteran, immediate families and Surviving Spouses of Veterans in all three counties, Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler. A flyer introducing this event and the 20 Vendors participating are included in the flyer. Thanking our Veterans for their service to our country.
Wheeler County: Service Creek Stage Stop, Service Creek – Bridge Creek Café,
Mitchell – Tiger-Town Brewery, Mitchell – Dig-in Diner, Fossil , The Fossil
Mercantile – Lone Elk Market, Spray
Gilliam County: Condon Drive-in, – The Condon Hotel – Two Boys Market,
Condon – Country Flowers, Condon – The Pheasant Grill, Arlington – River’s Edge
Deli, Arlington, Arlington Market & Deli
Sherman County: Husky’s Store & Deli, Moro – Grass Valley Market & Deli, –
Bob’s Texas T-Bone, Rufus – Bulldog Diner, Rufus, Family Market & Deli, Rufus The Feed Trough, Wasco – Dinty’s Market & Deli, Biggs Junction

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