Memorial Day

Tri-County Veterans Services


Sherman County Senior & Community Center
300 Dewey Street
Moro, OR

About the Tri-County Veterans Service Office

The Tri-County Veterans Service Office serves Sherman, Gilliam, and Wheeler county veterans and their families. It provides the following, plus other services, to discharged veterans:

  • Disability claims (claims must be service connected)
  • Education benefits
  • Job assistance
  • Veterans health care
  • Pension claims
  • Help with transportation
  • Widow's and survivor's benefits
  • State benefit assistance
  • Burial benefits
  • Emergency assistance
  • Home loan paperwork assistance
  • Veterans’ license plates
  • Ordering service or medical records
  • Ordering military medals
  • Referrals to state representative payees in cases where veterans feel they can no longer take care of their own finances.

Services are provided to veterans with discharges that are not "dishonorable" discharges. However, the Tri-County Veterans Service Office also can provide help in fighting a dishonorable discharge if needed. Walk-ins are welcome.

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