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The mission of the Sherman County Sheriff's Office is to become an integral part of the community by building mutual trust and partnership in an effort to improve the quality of life as a means of preventing crime and resolving issues of mutual concern. 

The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining the peace within the county and is directly accountable to the people, running for election every four years. Responsibilities are diverse and intensive. Our operations run the gamut from law enforcement duties, to the delivery of civil papers, execution of court orders, incarceration of offenders, organizing search and rescue operations, marine patrol, and preparing for and coordinating responses to man-made and natural disasters. The job of managing such a diverse operation is a challenge that must be met each day.

Criminal Division

The Sheriff is legally responsible for keeping the peace within the county. Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies are responsible for providing law enforcement services in all areas of the county. Patrol Deputies are responsible for covering approximately 484 miles of county roads throughout the 831 square miles of Sherman. The 3 patrol deputies respond to criminal as well as civil complaints, investigate crimes and traffic crashes, enforce traffic laws and serve civil papers. The Detective deals with advanced on-going criminal investigations. The most common types of cases investigated by the detective include: death, felony assault, sexual assault, child/elder neglect and abuse, robbery, burglary, theft and fraud.

Within the criminal division is a traffic safety program which aggressively enforces traffic laws within the county. This includes federal regulations regarding commercial motor vehicle operations. The goal with this enforcement is to prevent crashes before they happen and make the county roads a safe place to commute through.

Civil Division

Oregon law holds sheriffs responsible for serving various court summons and other legal papers. These are known generally as "civil papers." Sherman County Sheriff’s deputies serve over one hundred civil papers a year to citizens spread out geographically throughout the county.

Marine Patrol

This group is tasked with enforcing boating and wildlife ordinances and state laws as they apply to water ways in Sherman County. Marine unit services include: marine patrols on all navigable waterways in the county, boater safety services, inspections, criminal investigations of marine related incidents and boating accident investigations. An aggressive policy emphasizes safety of the boating public by enforcing the laws dealing directly with safety equipment and safe boat operation.

Search & Rescue

The SCSO Search and Rescue function coordinates search and rescue efforts in the county.


Brad Lohrey


Geremy Shull

Deputy/Marine Deputy

James Burgett

Solomon Jacobsen

Administrative Assistant

Julie McAllister

Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 424 / 500 Court Street
Moro, OR  97039
(541) 565-3622
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Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm  Closed Noon – 12:30 pm


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